The natural world is a tour de force of colors and textures that weave their way through every living thing. With each changing season a flourishing crop of shades and hues emerges; all the while complimenting the neutral backdrop of rock and sand and earth. Not even a lifetime of painting can attain to nature’s sweeping inventory.
Nocturnal Branches
Lithe and Violet
Desert at Dusk
Aqua Garden
Aged Wood on Copper
Aged Wood on Black Ice
The Russet Tree
Crimson Tide
Over the Pond
Somewhere Among the Trees
Topos II
Aged Wood on Green and Orange
Falling Leaves
Blossoms in Riebe Garden
Any Random Spring
Moss On Trees
Banana Tango
The Red Land
Lemon Tree
Kee Kee's Web
Rust Over Fruit
Scarlet Foliage
Where Water Meets Sand
The Cocoa Tree
Dance of the Cactus
The Subtle Forest
Grapes and Violas
30 Images